General Terms and Conditions

In the following you will find the general terms and conditions for private & commercial end customers of


Emamil GmbH

Starkenburgstr. 7-9, D-64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf

Tel: 06105-9995394, Fax: 06105-9995395, E-Mail: 

Referred to as specialist dealer in the following remarks.

Managing directors: Dipl.-Ing. Recep Toptan und M.Sc. Muhammed Behlül Toptan

Company owner: Dipl.-Ing. Recep Toptan

Local court Darmstadt, commerical regsiter no.: HRB 90264

Tax office Darmstadt, tax-no.: 00723205573

VAT-ID no.: DE813777049

Status: 18.12.2019



All deliveries and services are provided exclusively on the basis of the following terms and conditions:
1. Conclusion of the sales contract
The purchase contract is concluded with the transmission of the order protocol, which is sent to you by email immediately after receipt of your order. The order is legally binding for the customer when the order is sent to the retailer at the end of the ordering process in our end customer online shop. You can find the exact date of dispatch of the goods you ordered in the order protocol sent to you by email. The customer's contractual partner is the company of the specialist dealer specified above.
2. Data Protection

The protection of your personal data during the collection, processing and use on the occasion of your visit to our homepage is an important concern for us. Your data will be protected within the framework of the legal regulations. In the following you will find information about which data is collected during your visit to the homepage and, if applicable, additionally during the ordering process and how it is used:

2. 1. Collection and processing of data

Every access to our homepage and every retrieval of a file stored on the homepage is logged. The storage serves system-related and statistical purposes. The name of the retrieved file, date and time of the retrieval, transferred data volume, notification of successful retrieval, web browser and requesting domain are logged. In addition, the IP addresses of the requesting computers are logged. Further personal data is only collected if the information is provided voluntarily by you in the context of a registration, inquiry or order.
2. 2. Use and disclosure of personal data

As far as you have provided us with personal data, we will only use them to answer your inquiries, to process contracts concluded with you, for technical administration and to maintain customer relations. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties. Excluded from this are service partners who require the transmission of data for order processing, e. g. the distribution company commissioned with the delivery and the credit institute commissioned with the payment processing. In these cases, the scope of the transmitted data is limited to the necessary minimum. Stored personal data will be deleted if you revoke your consent to storage or if their storage is not permitted for other legal reasons.
2. 3. Use of cookies

Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to your computer's hard drive via your web browser. They enable our system to recognize your browser and thus provide you with extended features of our Internet shop. The help function in the menu bar of most web browsers explains how to allow or refuse cookies. We recommend that you leave the cookie function switched on in order to be able to use all the features of our Internet shop without restriction. Cookies do not damage your computer and do not contain viruses.
2. 4. Right to information

Upon written request, we will be happy to inform you at any time about the personal data stored about you.
3. Prices
All prices and cost information are inclusive of the legal value added tax and are subject to change. 
4. Delivery

The delivery is always ex warehouse plus shipping costs and, if applicable, cash on delivery fee. The exact amount of the shipping costs and the cash on delivery fee can be found in our end customer online shop under & Service & Costs. The order will be delivered as soon as possible by parcel service or forwarding agent. With the delivery you will receive a delivery note as well as the corresponding invoice with all information about the delivered products, individual prices and total invoice amount. Possible cash on delivery charges are shown in the invoice under the heading freight costs.
5. Retention of title

The delivered goods remain the property of the retailer until full payment has been received.
6. Right of withdrawal

You can cancel your contract within 14 days without giving reasons in writing (eg letter, fax, e-mail) or - if the goods before the deadline - by returning the goods. The time limit begins after receipt of this notification in writing, but not before receipt of the goods by the consignee (in case of recurring deliveries of similar goods not before receipt of the first partial delivery) and also does not fulfill our obligations under Article 246 § 2 in conjunction with § 1 paragraph. 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as our obligations according to § 312g Abs. 1 sentence 1 BGB in conjunction with Article 246 § 3 EGBGB. The timely dispatch of the revocation or the goods is sufficient to comply with the revocation period. The revocation must be addressed to:
Emamil GmbH
Starkenburgstraße 7-9, D-64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf
7. Consequences of withdrawal

In the event of an effective revocation, the services received by both parties are to be returned and any benefits (e. g. , tax relief, etc. ) that may have been derived are to be refunded. B. Interest). If you are able to provide us with the received service as well as uses (e. g. for B. Benefits of use) not or partially not or only in a deteriorated condition, you must pay us compensation for lost value. For the deterioration of the goods and for drawn uses you have to pay compensation only if the use or deterioration is due to a handling of the goods, which goes beyond the examination of the properties and the functionality. The term & testing of properties and functionality refers to the testing and trial of the respective goods, as is possible and customary in a retail shop, for example. Paketfähige things are to be sent back on our danger. You have to bear the regular costs of the return shipment if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods and if the price of the goods to be returned does not exceed an amount of 40 Euros or if, in the case of a higher price of the goods, you have not yet provided the consideration or a contractually agreed partial payment at the time of the revocation. Otherwise the return is free of charge for you. Goods that cannot be parcelled will be collected from you. Obligations to refund payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The period begins for you with the dispatch of your cancellation or the goods, for us with their receipt.
8. Cost sharing agreement

If you make use of your right of revocation, you have to bear the regular costs of the return shipment, if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods and if the price of the goods to be returned does not exceed an amount of 40 Euros or if, in case of a higher price of the goods, you have not yet rendered the consideration or a contractually agreed partial payment at the time of the revocation. Otherwise the return is free of charge for you. 9. Storage of the text of the contract

We store your order and the order data you entered. Immediately after receipt of your order, you will receive an order protocol by e-mail with all the data you have entered, supplemented by further information that is important for you as the purchaser. You can print out the order protocol or store it in your computer system for your purposes. 10. Payment

The payment of the products ordered by you can be made by cash on delivery, credit card, direct debit or bank transfer. If you pay by credit card, the amounts due will not be charged until the products you have ordered are shipped. 11. Customer service/complaints

Please contact our service department by e-mail if you have questions about our products or your orders. Please use the corresponding button in our Online Shop. In case of complaints we are of course at your disposal. For easy and quick processing, an electronic form is available for this purpose under the button & Complaints in our online shop. We will process your questions and complaints immediately after receipt and will certainly find a satisfactory solution for you. 12. Warranty

The statutory warranty rights apply. 13. Final provisions

German law applies.




All deliveries, services and offers are exclusively based on the following terms and conditions:

1. Prices

All prices are subject to the statutory value added tax. They are subject to change and are continuously adapted to market conditions. For cash on delivery shipments, we charge a cash on delivery fee, the current amount of which is indicated in our end customer online shop under & Service & Costs.
2. Product changes

We expressly reserve the right to make technical and optical changes to the articles we offer!
3. Delivery

The delivery is always ex warehouse plus shipping costs and, if applicable, cash on delivery fee. The exact amount of the shipping costs and the cash on delivery fee can be found in our end customer online shop under & Service & Costs. The order will be delivered as soon as possible by parcel service or forwarding agent. With the delivery you will receive a delivery note as well as the corresponding invoice with all information about the delivered products, individual prices and total invoice amount. Possible cash on delivery charges are shown in the invoice under the heading freight costs. The delivery is subject to the proviso that stocks are sufficient. Delivery will be made as soon as all products ordered by you are available; no partial deliveries will be made.
4. Packaging

For obligations under the Packaging Ordinance, it depends on whether you are either a private or commercial final consumer under the Packaging Ordinance. Private final consumers within the meaning of the Packaging Ordinance are defined as catering establishments and hotels, canteens, administrative offices, barracks, hospitals, educational and charitable institutions, freelancers, as well as sources of waste in the cultural sector such as cinemas, operas and museums, and in the leisure sector such as holiday resorts, amusement parks, sports stadiums and service areas, in each case irrespective of the quantities of packaging produced there. It also includes craft and agricultural businesses, whose packaging quantities can be disposed of in standard household waste containers with a maximum volume of 1100 litres per recyclable material group at the standard household collection rate. Non-private and therefore commercial end users are all those who do not fall under the above list. All sales packaging (product packaging, filling material and transport carton) which you receive as a private end consumer has been licensed with a dual system which ensures nationwide take-back. This means that you can dispose of this packaging in appropriate recycling containers. As a non-private end consumer, you can return the sales packaging free of charge after consultation with us. Any transport costs arising in this connection shall be borne by you. We will either reuse the returned sales packaging or ensure that it is recycled correctly.
6. Payment

Invoices are issued on the day the goods are dispatched; in the event of early delivery, the agreed delivery date is deemed the date of issue. Invoices are to be paid in accordance with the payment terms of the retailer. If the due date is exceeded, interest on arrears will be charged from the 3rd day after the date of invoice from a rate of 5% above the respective base rate of the European Central Bank. All costs caused by late payment, such as extension costs, protest costs, lawyer's fees, etc. are at the expense of the defaulting buyer. We reserve the right to demand payment on delivery or to withdraw from the contract until a positive credit report is available. Credit notes are always issued after deduction of the discounts and other rebates granted on the invoice amount. Bills of exchange and cheques are not accepted as means of payment. If the purchaser is in arrears with a due payment or if his financial circumstances deteriorate significantly, the retailer is entitled to withdraw from the unfulfilled part of the contract or from the entire contract, or to demand cash payment or security for further deliveries, without the need to set a prior extension period.
7. Damages in transit

All deliveries travel at the risk of the customer / purchaser. The customer is obliged to have any obvious transport damage confirmed by the carrier upon acceptance. The receipt for the damage must be presented to us immediately. Non-confirmed open defects cannot be acknowledged later and are not insured. If it is a matter of hidden transport damage or defect, this must be reported immediately in writing to the carrier and the claims for recourse must be registered with the carrier. Please provide us with proof of the notification of the hidden defect immediately. For hidden defects, the observance of deadlines in which hidden defects must be reported after receipt of the goods must be observed. These are: at the post office within 24 hours; at the railway within 7 days; at the forwarding agent within 6 days; at air freight companies within 7 days.
8. Incorrect orders

In case of wrong orders we charge a restocking fee of 20% of the respective value of goods, at least however EUR 10. 00. The return shipment must be made free of charge to us. Only originally packed goods can be taken back. Returns must be provided with an authorization number, which must be clearly visible on the outside of the packaging. You will receive this number from us upon request. Please use our complaints processing, which is available to you in our online end customer shop under the button & Complaints. Returns without an authorization number and freight collect returns will not be accepted by our warehouse staff. Incorrect orders can only be taken back within 30 days of purchase in their original packaging. We reserve the right to refuse to take back products that have been specially procured for a customer.
9. Cancellations

Cancellations of products that were ordered specifically for a customer or whose order quantity clearly exceeds the normal stock, must be in writing and are only considered accepted with written confirmation from the specialist dealer. The dealer reserves the right to refuse cancellation in such cases. If the customer has already received the goods, the provisions of section 7 shall also apply to cancellations, Incorrect orders, application.
10. Complaints

We always strive to supply you with only absolutely reliable quality products. Should there nevertheless be any reason for complaint (defective goods or wrong delivery), please send us the affected goods (including a copy of the invoice or delivery note as well as a detailed description of the error) free of charge and provided with an authorization number. Without an exact and detailed error description, processing is not possible. You will receive such an authorization number after you have notified us of the complaint with an exact description of the error. Please use our complaints processing, which is available to you in our online end customer shop under the button & Complaints. Authorization numbers are valid for 4 weeks after allocation. Please affix the authorization number clearly visible on the outside of the packaging. Returns without an authorization number and carriage forward returns will not be accepted. In case of complaints about printer accessories, fax accessories and copier accessories, 2-3 printouts documenting the defect must be enclosed. Without these printouts, processing is not possible. For products sent in as defective without justification, the inspection costs incurred will be charged to the sender. The customer is obliged to take back the unjustified claimed products. The return shipment must be complete (e. g. including software, description, etc. ) in original packaging free of charge to us. Incomplete returns cannot be processed and will be returned to the customer immediately. Justified complaints are sent to the supplier for repair. After repair the customer receives the product free of charge. Please note that in case of defects in the scope of delivery (missing product or delivery of a product not ordered), this defect must be reported to us within 3 days after receipt of goods. Later complaints cannot be accepted and are at the expense of the customer.
11. Liability

Liability for consequential damages of any kind that arise from non-delivery or incorrect delivery or non-functioning of products purchased from us is excluded. Our liability refers exclusively to the value of the goods, the products offered by us.
12. Validity

We reserve the right to make misprints, errors and changes. German law applies. Different agreements apply for foreign customers.
13. Place of jurisdiction

If the customer & purchaser is a registered trader, the place of jurisdiction of the specialist dealer is deemed to be agreed.
Ver. 1. 9 / Status of 18. 12. 2019