Electrical Engineering

Low Voltage Switchgear

  • Energy supply concepts

  • Technical calculation and control system documentation

  • Low voltage main distribution up to 6,300 A

  • PLC and control cabinets


Medium-voltage installations

  • Plant systems from 6 to 30 kV nominal voltage

  • Single and double busbar systems

  • Air and SF6 insulated installations

  • Switchgear in fixed installation and plug-in technology

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UPS and power replacement systems

  • UPS systems up to 1,000 kVA

  • Power supply systems with diesel engine battery systems

  • Battery systems and frequency converters

  • Power supply systems in the power range up to 2,500 kVA



  • Planing and execution

  • Energy supply networks and energy management

  • Economic operating modes

  • Automation and control systems

  • Mains protection and reactive current compensation




Electrical Installation

  • NS switching and distribution layers

  • Counter and complete cabinet systems

  • KNX - Smart Home and Bus Systems

  • Networking technology


Safety Technology

  • Video surveillance systems

  • Robbery and intrusion detection systems

  • Access control, barriers and intercoms

  • Fire alarm systems

  • DGUV test and e-check

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  • Satellite equipment

  • FO distribution

  • UpLink vehicles

  • Studio and directing technology